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March 22, 2019  
March 22, 2019  
February 22, 2019  
February 11, 2019  
November 4, 2018  

This week we are continuing in the series “Sabbath Resistance” spending three weeks in Matthew 25, three stories about stewardship, generosity, and righteousness and three stories when Jesus flips the script. 

October 20, 2018  
November 29, 2017  
November 29, 2017  
August 9, 2017  

As we continue through our series in the book of Romans, this week's selection poses a particular challenge: just who is included in the promises of God? People have used Paul's argument from chapters 9-11 inappropriately by asserting that God has written some people out ot the story. History has used this interpretation to theological justify all kinds of evil as extreme as the Holocaust. When we interpret the scriptures in such a way that justifies the exclusion of some from the realm of God's love then we can theological justify all kinds of exclusive acts. This theological approach frankly is what makes it possible for some to theologically justify the most recent acts of exclusion such as the military exclusion of Transgender persons, or "merit based" approach to legal immigration. Locally, this interpretive approach allows the church to sometimes conciously and sometimes unconciously structure ourselves in such a way that exludes people who don't necessarily look, behave, or believe the same way the dominate culture of the church looks, behaves, or believes. The real point of Paul's argument in Roman's 9-11 is established in chapter 8 verse 39 - nothing, nothing, nothing, in all of creation could ever separate us from the love of God through Jesus Christ. If we could just start there, on the truth that nothing can separate us or anyone from God's love, then maybe we can include everyone in God's love as well. 

July 11, 2017  

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