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April 18, 2018  
February 28, 2018  
February 21, 2018  
February 14, 2018  
February 7, 2018  

This week Sunnyside was so glad to invite our own Rachel Whitehurst to the pulpit. Rachel is a first year Seminary Student at Iliff working towards her Masters of Divinity and eventual ordination in the UMC. Rachel has a clear call on her life to serve and we are so delighted that Sunnyside is a part of that call! 

January 26, 2018  
January 26, 2018  

As we enter week two of our Advent Series Coming Home we continue exploring the longing within that Advent observance seeks to address. Dominant culture addresses the longing in its own way quite cleverly every year by tapping into the longing earlier and earlier. I was shopping at Meijer with our daughter on October 18th and we found two full aisles of Christmas décor encroaching on the Halloween section. I have to admit that for a brief moment my own thoughts went to Christmas nostalgia. It would do us well if each day of Advent began with the practice established by the Psalmist when he wrote his prayer, “Let me hear what God will speak…” Perhaps we too can learn what the psalmist discovered that our deepest longings are filled at the intersection of steadfast love, faithfulness, peace, and righteousness. For the Christian these four things meet up in Jesus, and in response, to be Christ-like is to embody these four things in all the times, places, and ways we meet with one another. As we prepare ourselves for Christ to make his home in our hearts, may we know that home is where we meet one another in the way of Christ.


Advent 1 : Come Down Home – Isaiah 64:1-9
For many Americans Christmastime is about homecoming. Students come home from school. Families travel across the country to “go home” for the holidays. We have Christmas songs all about “going home” like “There’s no place like home for the Holidays.” It seems like nearly every Christmas movie has some sentimental element of “coming home.” And then there is that old Folgers Coffee commercial when Peter sneaks home in the wee hours of the morning and surprises the family with a fresh pot of Folgers coffee. The secular world has capitalized on a longing that perhaps we didn’t even know we had for home and it has done so brilliantly in the midst of a season that theologically speaking is all about longing. The Spiritual longing that is Advent’s focus however is not that we might go home, rather, that God might make God’s home with us. This is the Prophet’s opening lament in Isaiah 64:1, “O that you might tear open the heavens and come down.” The prophet cries out in the midst of exile when his home has been destroyed. We cry out in the midst of our own chaos that God’s homecoming might make us whole.

November 29, 2017  

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